The Vegan Lifestyle

I always had a love of animals, but I have only been a vegan for a little over five years. My husband is a Chef and came home one day disgusted with the amount of chicken he was being asked to cut for the “fit station” at his work. He suggested the idea of going vegan and I never looked back.

It can be difficult to remain meat and dairy free… especially out to restaurants or ordering take out. The trick is to remain open minded and flexible. When we order pizza- we get it full of vegetables sans cheese. When we order Chinese food, we order vegetable curry and plain rice.

I know there are numerous health benefits to the vegan lifestyle, but that is not the motivating force behind my dedication to cruelty-free food. I simply cannot fathom taking in the energy of pain, anguish, torture. Ingesting these negative energies seems absurd to me. If we are what we eat, why would we choose to eat pain and death? Why would we choose to wear these things?

I still have a difficult time transitioning my footwear to leather-free; but I am constantly sourcing different goods to replace these items forged from “pain” and replaced them with “kinder” goods. Stay tuned as I will keep sharing what I find, and selling it to you with love in my heart.

with love,

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