the Save Movement

I have a difficult time watching those Save Movement posts that document the horrors of factory based farming globally; but I know how important these testimonies are with regards to public knowledge. It’s difficult for me to imagine what an intelligent, terrified, animal must go through moments before they are murdered.

I have said before that I choose to live a vegan lifestyle based mostly on the welfare of animals. However, I am also a Reiki Therapist and understand the value of energetic frequencies. I often wonder what energy gets stored within the flesh of an animal who experiences such pain and suffering prior to death and what that vibration must do to our own psyche. I find myself pondering at times how that kind of darkness- ingested daily/weekly/even monthly- might coat our energy field or aura in the same nasty suffering.

I suppose that people who choose to eat flesh do it without thinking of what they take into their bodies. I get, “but it tastes so good” as reasoning frequently, however, just because something seems to make us “feel” good doesn’t mean that it is “good” for us- or for our ecosystem as a whole. I understand that sometimes a lack of knowledge creates a platform for continued suffering, and therefore- more Save Movements must pop up to educate the population. For this, I applaud the efforts put forth by these animal crusaders; even if it hurts to watch.

I am a firm believer however, that we can all do our tiny part. Even it if means not eating meat one time week- that is one day with one less animal death. One person can make a difference.. and many people bound together in a common cause can make an even bigger one.

Thanks be to all those who are awake enough to understand that alternatives exist- tasty, healthy, good alternatives that do not require suffering and death to animals.

love and light…

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