on this Samhain holiday

Today is the ancient holiday, Samhain. Some have come to recognize that some of the traditions practiced by the ancient Celts have carried over to us in the form of Halloween.

It is believed that on this day, the veil between worlds is thinned. Spirits during this time are more accessible to us, as the fairy portals are open to allow the souls that have passed during the year to transition into the other-world.

Just as the leaves, now colored red and orange and yellow, are soon to fall from the trees from which they grew, so goes the changes within ourselves. Now is the time to accept our entire beings: the shadow and light, the inevitability of life leading to death, our strengths and our foibles. It is also a time to shed the skins of the prior year; to begin again- renewed. Light is fading, awaiting rebirth at the Winter Equinox and we must also allow our old selves to fade so that our new perspectives can lead us into new understanding.

Be unafraid today, should you feel a slight breeze upon your cheek, a light that passes within your vision, a voice beckoning you… these are simply your guides, your ancestors, your loved ones who have passed over, giving you love and encouragement; giving you a special hug as they are free to wonder on this night.

Tonight, light a fire: Give thanks to all the blessings in your life; Give mention to all whom have passed from this plane during the year; Write on a piece of paper all that you wish to release from your spirit, your mind, your heart and place it in the fire with love.

Wishing you Samhain blessings for growth and acceptance during this time. May your ancestors bless you and your loved ones for a bountiful upcoming year.

With love,

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